Prost–It’s Time for Shacktoberfest!

Grab your lederhosen and dirndle and run to your nearest Shake Shack for the best festival of the year–Shacktoberfest! Since most of us can’t pick up our lives and fly to Munich for the grand festivities, Shake Shack is serving up an authentic, Oktoberfest-inspired menu, with tantalizing treats that will make your taste buds do the polka, from Friday, September 23rd to Sunday, October 2nd, 2016.

Here’s a brief rundown on their offerings, including my “don’t-miss” selections!


The line-up runs the gamut from hearty burgers topped with fried onions and bratwurst to decadent German milkshakes.

Quench your thirst with Brooklyn Brewery’s customized ShackMeister® Ale, a brisk, malty brew reminiscent of the most authentic German biers. You can even purchase a special Shake Shack Bier Stein for $10.00 (25 oz.) and enjoy $7.69 refills throughout Shacktoberfest!

For the Bratwurst lovers, don’t miss the ShackMeister Brat–a grilled Usinger’s cheddar-stuffed bratwurst, topped with crispy ShackMeister Ale-marinated shallots and cheese sauce. Juicy and succulent, the sausage has complex, spicy flavors, complemented perfectly with the crispy shallots and cheese.


If you think you’re addicted to Shake Shack’s normal fries, drizzle them with cheese sauce for a truly decadent treat.



The Brat Burger is layered with hearty flavor–starting with the classic broiled burger base, and topped with Usinger’s cheddar-stuffed bratwurst, crispy ShackMeister Ale-marinated shallots and ShackSauce. The slightly salty, chewy bratwurst coupled with crsipy shallots and special sauce make this burger a home run!


The final savory menu item Shake Shack is offering is the Bavarian-style soft pretzel, a soft pretzel topped with Bavarian spices. The texture of the pretzel itself was thick and doughy, just as a traditional German pretzel should be, yet the “Everything-bagel”-esque spices seemed to overwhelm this option. The flavors were a bit more balanced when dipped in the cheese sauce, but keep this in mind if you’re looking for a more traditional, German-style pretzel.


Satisfy your sweet tooth with a either the Apfelstrudel or Black Forest Shake. The Apfelstrudel shake is a cinnamon-sugar shortbread infused vanilla shake that tastes like an amped-up version of your Grandma’s best apple pie.

For the chocohalics out there, the black forest shake is a hybrid chocolate-cherry shake with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles, balancing fruity and chocolate notes throughout.

If custards are more your style, order the German chocolate pecan concrete, a chocolate custard blended with coconut-pecan caramel and chocolate truffle cookie dough.


Ultimately, Shacktoberfest is the perfect chance to enjoy a “taste” of German culture and embrace the fall season. Hurry to Shake Shack in University City to experience the fun before the special event ends. On my “don’t-miss” list: the Brat Burger and Apfelstudel Shake!

By: Andrea Breeden

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