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Beefsteak’s New Spring Menu + On-The-Go Gazpacho!

On May 1st, Beefsteak is coming out with their new Spring dishes that embody everything great about this season upon us. Dedicated to fresh, local, seasonal ingredients, Beefsteak Chef and Vegetable Expert teamed up to bring you the most delicious new items. They work with tons of local farmers in the DC, Philadelphia, and New York region, including Urban farmers, like Little Wild Things. With their produce knowledge and culinary genius, there is no doubt you will be going to Beefsteak everyday during your lunch break. And the great thing about Beefsteak is you can’t get bored because you can switch it up and customize your bowl or salad to whatever you want!

Here are the new items:

Green Lightnin’

This bowl of crisp romaine and watercress is mixed with spicy radish, juicy strawberries, and crunchy sugar snap peas. To give it some body, you got everyone’s favorite avocado all tossed in an avocado herb dressing. Sweet, peppery, creamy… what else could you want?





Lime After Lime (VG)

This vegan salad bowl is zesty and screams spring with fresh cilantro lime quinoa as its base with bright romaine, spinach, and peppery arugula. Then, you get the bursts of sweetness from the sweet corn and roasted edamame. For some juiciness, they threw in some cherry tomatoes. And to top it off you got scallions, za’atar Sunflowers Seeds, all Tossed in an addicting Chili Lime Vinaigrette. Not too heavy but gives it a nice kick.



Curried Treasure (VG)

This was definitely my favorite dish, although I loved all of the new items. A revamped curry for the spring hearty enough to fuel you for the day but light enough to enable you to run around under the sun. This silky, creamy green curry sauce is mixed with crispy peas that are freeze dried and roasted, pea shoots (from Little Wild Things), sugar snap peas, carrots, and broccoli. This heart-warming curry is served on a bed of rice. The slight spicy kick and sweet coconut milk pair amazing well, creating an addicting flavor that will keep you coming back for more.


The Beefsteak Burger is Back Baby!! (VG)

This all vegan beefsteak burger is back for the spring! No worries, the beet burger is staying on the menu so you’ll have two healthy veg whoppers to choose from. The meaty, juicy, sweet, beefsteak tomato slice is topped with Hampton Creek’s vegan Just chipotle mayonnaise, Little Wild Things sprouts and a soft, toasted bun. It is simple yet to die for. A real winner. No wonder Beefsteak is named Beefsteak!



Beefsteak Classic Gazpacho (VG)Yet another great vegan option and in a to-go bottle?!?! Beefsteak is launching their Gazpacho in a bottle line in partnership with Tio. This summery, whole ingredient, light soup is perfect for those of you on the go. The classic red gazpacho is out in New York and New Jersey Whole Foods as well as in-store, and they’re coming out with their Yellow and Green gazpacho soon! So, stay on the look out for that. Although we’re lucky enough to have a Beefsteak right here on campus, we’re hoping wherever we travel to, we’ll be able to find a little piece of this veggie heaven on the shelves of grocery stores everywhere!


Written by Jennifer Higa

Photography by Leah sprague


*All pictures are photographs of the sample sizes. The real menu items will be full size.