Quick & Delicious 3-Course Lunch at Square 1682

Square 1682, the classic American bar and restaurant attached to Hotel Palomar Philadelphia, is starting a lunch express menu of an appetizer, entree, and dessert for $19.99. The entire meal comes all at once on a neatly placed tray, and is meant to make the whole meal take no longer than 45 minutes – the perfect lunch break. I love the idea of a lunch tray. Not only is it very convenient, but somehow it feels like a more sophisticated form of a lunch box that your mom packs for you.

Every meal begins with Square 1682’s famous starter, the truffle oil popcorn.

As an appetizer, I started with the hummus with focaccia. The hummus was nothing special, but as a self-proclaimed hummus addict, it did the trick.

Appetizer: hummus with focaccia

For my entree, I tried the waiter’s recommendation, the turkey burger, complete with avocado, herbed goat cheese, chipotle aioli, all topped on a brioche bun. The combination was just perfect; juicy and well-seasoned, and paired well with the buttery bun. The turkey prevented the sandwich from being too heavy.

Entree: turkey burger

For dessert, I had the vanilla panna cotta with fresh berries. The dollop of jam provided a sweet burst of flavor to the classic dessert.

Dessert: panna cotta

Chef Bobby Surdam explained that the express menu option has been an idea in the works for about 5 months now. It seemed fitting to roll out the new additions to the menu, including the cauliflower po’ boy and chilled asparagus soup, at the same time.

I would highly recommend coming to Square 1682 for their express lunch, regardless of whether or not you are rushing to finish lunch before going back to work. If anything, go for the turkey burger. Trust me, it’s worth it!

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