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Summer is coming: the sun is shining and it is steaming in Philly. And guess what? Everyone wants ice cream!

Tired of traditional Italian American ice cream? Go to Sweet Charlies to try their new innovative Thai ice cream.

The firm founded by two brothers is so popular that today they have more than 10 franchises.  In the following weeks, they are going to open one next to Rittenhouse square !

The whole ice cream process is an experience. After having chosen your base ( ice cream, fat free yogurt or vegan), you can pick one flavor out of at least 9. The vast array of choice is a little bit daunting between so cal (acai, coconut and banana), Monkey see (Nutella and banana) or Namaste (strawberry and cheesecake).


You can only be amazed at the rapidity and technical skills of your ice cream maker. When the rolls are done, you have unlimited toppings ranging from fresh strawberry to indulging chocolate chips or grilled marshmallow.

The texture and flavor are unlike you have tried with traditional churned ice cream as the base and flavors are mixed and rolled on order. It’s silky, light, and utterly addictive.

Judging by the long queue on Washington square, Sweet Charlie’s is definitively popular and we understand why !

By Aurore Gugliemi