Growing a dorm room herb garden

Growing fresh herbs and plants in your dorm room can completely transform the ambiance of the space! Whether you’re cramming over a final or stressed about a job, a simple potted plant can liven up the atmosphere and improve air quality.

With ample sunlight, you can easily grow simple herbs such as cilantro and basil. This is especially great if you’re ~trying~  to cook more.

Frances Liu, a sophomore in Wharton, can attest to the benefits of growing herbs in her small Harnwell living room. She started growing herbs after she was inspired by her mother’s garden. Herbs are easy to care for because they just need to be watered everyday. She grew fresh scallion, ginger, and garlic from scraps of old produce and was therefore able to #reusereduceandrecycle.

“It’s really nice to have fresh scallions and something green in the room,” she says. In a monochromatic dorm room, a pop of green can brighten the space. Similarly, fresh herbs for cooking can bring the food from edible to delicious.

According to Frances, “being able to see the growth of plants is a nice contrast to the stress of school when sometimes it feels like you’re not making any progress.” Buying plants, such as succulents, flowers, and herbs, for yourself is a great form of self-care. As this school year begins to get increasingly stressful, do remember to treat yourself!

Steps to growing a dorm room herb garden:

  1. Choose the sunniest window
  2. Choose the herbs – cilantro, basil, and parsley grow well year round
  3. Find pots with holes and plates to go under the pots
  4. Add soil
  5. Water water water!! And wait patiently…
  6. Enjoy!!!

Picture Credit: Frances Liu

Featured Photo Credit:×490/landscape-1478886743-gettyimages-157428172.jpg