Pop corn and Pot au feu : Best Foodie Movies.

You like food, you literally live for it. From breakfast to diner, you spend your time musing about it, dreaming about the next recipe and reading every restaurants reviews on TripAdvisor. Still, you also like watching movies on raining sunday nights while munching some popcorn and some comfort food.
What would be better than actually watching an entertaining movie on this passion?

PennAppetit draws a list of the best foodie movie :

– Sweet Bean : I have not enough adjectives to qualify this movie : Adorable, excellent, heart breaking. A socio historical fresque framed around the making of ask, a must watch.

– Ratatouille : I hope you have all watched it, but this pixar movie simply makes you want to eat a whole plate of ratatouille.

– the Lunchbox : Love story around Indian Food.

– L aile ou la Cuisse : A truculent ‘French comédie’ mocking the Guide Michelin critics.

– le Festin Chinois : an ode, an hymn to Chinese cuisine.

– le festin de Babette : What would you do if you suddenly become a billionaire ? Babette throws a banquet

– Une affaire de gout / A question of Taste ; A cooking thriller. I don’t wish to reveal more.

– Les Saveurs du Palais // Haute Cuisine: An unknown franche chef from the Périgord is hired by the French President. Between Traditions, label, resentment and politics, an enhancement of French family food.


-Entre Les Bras / Set Up To The Plate- La cuisine en Heritage: excellent documentary of the Bras family ( famous French chef in Laguiole).

– Guy Martin, un artiste en cuisine. On the work of Guy Martin, a famous Michelin stars chef.

– Jiro Dreams of Sushi : A superb American documentary on the three stars Michelin and sushi maker Sukyabahsi Jiro.

– Kings of Pastry : For any French pastry maker, the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France, is the ultimate graal. 16 chefs, 3 days, 1 place, the competition can start!

– Food Inc : an excellent documentary on the US Agriculture Industry, narrated by the non less outstanding Michael Pollan