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Where to experience our favorite food trends, right here in Philly

Article and photos by Victoria Wu 

Feature photo by Alana Shukovsky

With all the innovation and instagrammable food places in NYC or somewhere in Cali, Philadelphia has sure been behind in catching on to these trends. But now, these trending foods have finally arrived in Philadelphia. Here are a list of some of the most viral food trends that can be found right here in Philadelphia.

Avocado Toast:

Though many food trends die down, the avocado toast has seemed to persist and representing the Millenial’s “extraness”. Nevertheless, it’s healthy, yet delicious; simple, yet instagram-worthy. With the creamy heart-healthy Avocado buttered across a crisp toast topped with an assortment of toppings, the avocado toast just can’t satiate American’s want for it. In Center City, this aesthetic delight can be found at Plenty Cafe in Rittenhouse. Plenty’s Cafe serves this toast on Metropolitan Bakery’s locally made sourdough bread, topped with grilled corn, pickled radish and embellished with cilantro and feta.

Egg Waffle Ice Cream:

Ever seen that aesthetically pleasing ice cream sundae with the unusual cone floating around Instagram? It is probably the prettiest sundae you will see. This is the Egg Waffle Ice Cream. This Hong Kong street food inspired ice cream has a egg waffle cone with any ice cream of your choice and with any topping you can imagine. At Teassert Bar, they offer a wide range of flavors, from green tea to taro to coffee, and unlimited toppings, from popping boba to Fruity Pebbles to cheesecake bites.

Smoothie Bowl:

Instead of drinking your smoothie, why not eat it with a spoon? This thick nutrient dense blend of whole foods incorporates anything from frozen fruits to seeds to vegetables. While you may wonder why you would want to eat a smoothie rather than drink your smoothie, the truth is, the smoothie bowl has more fruit and less liquid and will make the smoothie more fulfilling, and slow you down, making you a more mindful eater. At Strippd Juice, they offer three vibrant smoothie bowls, the Acai Bowl, the Matcha Bowl, and the Point Break Bowl (mixed with an organic algae compound), with your choice of super food topping, ranging from goji berries to bee pollen to hemp seeds.

Sushi Burger:

Next time you eat sushi, forget the chopsticks and bring out the fork and knife for the new sushi trend: the sushi burger. The sushi burger rearranges the traditional sushi roll and sandwiches the fillings, like spicy tuna, avocado, and shrimp tempura, between two sushi rice “buns” This designer burger can be found at Bubblefish in Chinatown, which uses fresh sushi rice “buns” flavored with spicy mayonnaise marinated Hawaiian tuna as the pattie and sandwiched with spicy snow crab, fresh avocado, seaweed, and fried sweet onions.

Sushi Donut:

Obsessed with sushi? You should check out the sushi donut: it’s the donut that seems to have fishy toppings. The sushi donut trades traditional sushi rolling technique and places the typical sushi fillings, such as salmon, spicy tuna, avocado, on top of its donut of rice. Kai Japanese Cuisine near Chinatown serves this off the menu special with avocado and the fish of your choice with drizzled on “yum-yum” sauce then sprinkled with sesame seeds.