Parker Brown
Executive Director

Parker, Class of 2018, is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. He is studying finance, operations, and management in Wharton. In the past, he served as the Publicity and Outreach chair and is now the Executive Director. He has an unhealthy addiction to Trader Joe’s sriracha and doesn’t think there’s a better combo than peanut butter and chocolate.

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Kathleen Norton
Managing Editor

Kathleen is a Visual Communications major in the College. She’s originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. One of her hobbies is laughing uncomfortably when people call it the bae area. She really likes coffee and is on the search for the best bean (so far, nothing can rival Germack’s Eastern Market blend). When she was four she won a donut coloring contest and got a year’s supply of donuts. To this date, nothing has made her parents prouder.

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Leah Sprague
Layout Editor

Leah, Class of 2019, is double-majoring in Health and Societies and Nutrition in the College. Originally from Seattle, Leah loves exploring Philadelphia through its restaurants. In her free time, she loves baking (specifically, anything that can be made in muffin tins or ramekins) and taking photos.

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Isabel Zapata
Photo Editor

Isabel has an unconditional love for the darkroom and literally any shoot that involves food. Although she says she has no emotional ties to her laptop, the number of hours she spends editing on it would say otherwise. She’s currently interning with a studio downtown and running her own photography business on the side. Besides all things photography related, Isabel loves studying languages, good jams, and is currently on the hunt for the best sushi restaurant in Philly.

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Rachel Prokupek
Culinary Director

After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu Paris with a Diploma in Cuisine and Pastry and working at Restaurant Daniel, Rachel decided bring her #knifeskillz to Penn Appétit as Culinary Director. She is figuring out how to incorporate her love for food into her studies, as well as figuring out how to survive on a meal plan. If she’s not eating, cooking (or dreaming tbh) about food, she is probably exploring all that Philly has to offer.

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Olivia Weiss
Business Manager

Olivia, Class of 2020, is from Zionsville, Pennsylvania. Her obsession with all things food began with an addiction to Food Network, and led her to study at Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in Paris. Yelp is consistently her most-visited website, and she experiences an uncontrollable attraction to all things edible 24/7.

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Phillip Huffman
Publicity and Outreach Chair

Phillip, Class of 2018, is originally from the painfully quiet suburbs of New Jersey. When he's not avoiding human contact in his research lab, he's probably eating tortellini.

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Jennifer Higa
Blog Editor

Jennifer, Class of 2020, was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan until she moved to Philadelphia for university this past fall. She’s is looking to major in Communications and minor in Consumer Psychology and Spanish. She has always been the biggest food junkie, making fresh cheese at five years old and taking notes on the science of cooking. She loves to experiment and make all kinds of dishes. Other than cooking, she loves to travel, hike, run, write, read, ski, paint, photograph, and try new things.

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Kate Kassin
Social Impact Chair

Kate, Class of 2020, is studying International Relations, French and Spanish in the College. She lives for short ribs, soup dumplings, linguine with clams, and a good panini. She is always hungry, always talking about food, and always in search of a kitchen to cook in. She loves to travel, mainly to eat, and loves to explore the restaurant scene in Philadelphia. Kate is excited for a fun year of food and social impact with Penn Appétit!

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Chris Muracca

Chris, Class of 2020, is studying Biological Basis of Behavior in the College. Originally from Pittsburgh, he now aims to eat at all of the top 50 restaurants in Philly. When he is not reviewing Penn Appetit’s finances, he can be found on the golf course or playing with his dog, Gnocchi. His last supper would consist of a pan seared duck breast and parmesan risotto.

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Sally Shin
Social Media Director

Sally, Class of 2018, is studying Communications and Cinema & Media Studies in the College. She thinks there's no truer love than calorie love. She will travel any distance for food. As the Social Media Chair, she is all about making people drool with food pics on Instagram.

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Ingrid Hung
Cooking Club Chair

Ingrid, Class of 2017, is studying communications and consumer psychology in the College. She spends her time either cooking, eating, or thinking about what she's going to cook or eat next.

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Michelle Lyu
Cooking Club Chair

Michelle doesn't like bios but she does like raps By raps she means rhyming senseless words, perhaps Using third person, for that I am not in the mood Like why third person when I'm just one dude? Anyway, it's true, that indeed I love food And when I say that, it ain't no platitude! DUDE!

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Janie Kim
Internal Social Chair

Janie, Class of 2019, is studying Political Science and Urban Studies in the College. After running Cooking Club, she's pumped to be serving as the Internal Social Chair this year. She loves cooking and exploring Philly, and her goal this semester is to try a new restaurant every other week in the city (fingers crossed she actually follows through without breaking the bank).

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Lea Kichler
Video Editor

Léa is involved in combining her two loves, food and video as Penn Appetit's videographer. She would gladly eat watermelon at every meal and has recently developed a strong affection for chickpeas, in multiple forms. She worked for Bon Appetit magazine over the summer, extending her passion for food porn beyond Penn's campus.

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Ben Blanco
Events Chair

Ben, Class of 2019, is studying statistics and education. He is from the suburbs of Los Angeles and loves pie in all its forms. Ben also collects tote bags and is a strong believer in the powers of Trader Joe's and horchata.

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