Veg Out & About: Pure Sweets & Co.

Veg Out & About is a column by Carissa Brones about vegan eats around Philly.

Fellow blogger Emily and I went to lunch at Pure Sweets & Co., a new, extremely popular vegan and gluten-free cafe. The locale is ridiculously quaint and trendy with its rustic wooden decor, brick walls, and (of course) tons of mason jars. Their seasonal menu features a great variety of (somewhat pricey, organic, and locally-sourced) daily soups, wraps, salads, and baked goods. They also sell packaged food to-go, grains, spices, baking mixes, and other kitchen supplies. They even offer cooking classes and workshops, like chocolate-making!

Pad thai salad

For our main course, we ordered a pad thai salad and roasted chickpea salad, heated up per our server’s recommendation. Both were extremely tasty, and we finished both plates! The chickpeas and rice were deliciously spiced with sweet curry, but the pad thai out-shined the other salad with its hearty daikon noodles and nutty undertones.

Chickpea salad

Next, we explored the bakery section–the highlight of the meal–with a chocolate coconut tart and an “American” apple pie in a cup.

Chocolate coconut tart

The chocolate tart had a delectably rich, truffle-like filling and crunchy macaroon-esque crust. Because chocolate and coconut are my two absolute favorite flavors, this dessert left me in awe. Unsurprisingly, the apple pie was just as delicious with its sautéed cinnamon apples and creamy filling topped to the brim. The incredible desserts gave no indication that they were also vegan and gluten-free, which is an extremely difficult achievement that Pure Sweets should be lauded for. I would absolutely return for more…perhaps even just for the desserts!

Apple pie

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–Carissa Brones