Rebel Bars

Today, we tried two flavors of Rebel Bars, a granola bar made by Rebel Ventures, a West Philly youth-driven business that employs local high schoolers to give them important entrepreneurial and leadership skills. Rebel Ventures is a part of AUNI, the Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative which operates under Penn’s Netter Center, so it is driven in part by Penn students.  You can find these bars for sale on-campus in Williams Café and in Gourmet Grocer.


We tried the Chocolate-Chip Raisin and the Cranberry flavors, and this is what we thought about them:


Elena- Of the two flavors, my favorite is the cranberry, which is surprising because I LOVE chocolate.  The cranberry is packed with sweet-tart craisins that are really accentuated against the pure toasted oat flavor of the bar.

Max- I love the raisin one, because I love oatmeal raisin! I feel like it would be good for an athlete because it’s hearty and not too sweet, with an obvious focus on health.

Leah- I can see it being a good breakfast bar, it would be great over yogurt since it’s not too sweet.

Bethany- Tastes like a muffin! Nice packaging.

Ben- Chocolate Raisin flavor is definitely good for yogurt, but I just wish there was a bit more chocolate.

There you have it folks, go grab a Rebel Bar today and support enterprising young West Philly students while treating yourself to a healthy snack!