Quick Snacks to Munch On While Studying

Exam week is just around the corner and there’s nothing more comforting than a quick, easy, healthy, and delicious snack to accompany your studying! Here are just a couple of ideas that you could easily make in a dorm room:

    1. Banana Dog Bites
      There is nothing better than the banana and peanut butter combo. All you need are a few simple ingredients and you’ll be transported back to your childhood days of packed lunches and no tests. Plus, these are easy to eat with your fingers!
    2. Frozen Grapes
      These are the simplest snacks to make, readily available, and taste like dessert! Not only are these little juicy “sorbet” bombs easy to make, but  they’re good for you too.img_3431-2
    3. Chocolate Chip Coconut Popcorn Mix
      If you have microwaveable popcorn, this snack could be done in under 3 minutes! Just pop a bag of your favorite popcorn and shake it up with some of your favorite toppings. chocchipcoconutraisinpopcor
    4. Sriracha Pop
      If you want, you can go the savory route and add some Sriracha for a bit of a kick while you’re studying!
    5. Caprese Sliders
      If you want to get a little fancy, try these mini caprese sliders. You can study and feel like you’re at a cocktail party at the same time.
    6. Avocado Boat
      It’s hard to mention brain food without including avocado. These creamy fruits supply you with some healthy fats to power you through those all-nighters! Pop a bit of salsa (or filling of your choice) in the hole of your avo and you’re good to go.avacado-1024x682
    7. Cucumber Hummus Bites
      Swap out those crackers for crunchy and healthy cucumber slices for a go to study snack!
    8. Tropical Cottage Cheese Toast
      This may sound weird, but the combination of pineapple, cottage cheese, and toasted cashews is so addicting! It tastes like a creamy Southeast Asian party in your mouth. The protein in the cottage cheese will keep your engine running and the juicy sweet pineapple should keep you awake. Trust me, just try it.


Studying takes a lot of brain power and energy, making it so easy to grab for that bag of Cheetos that ends up making you feel groggier than before and covered in orange powder. Instead, try some of these brain-fueling and delicious snacks to get you through the long hours. Good luck with exams everyone!

xx Jennifer Etsuko Higa