I Have a Passion for (Sweet) Potatoes


Chelsea’s Messy Apron

Every fall, pumpkins in the form of spiced lattes, pies, soups, and candles signify the transition between the seasons. However, as a lover of all things sweet potato, I have been shocked by the lack of recognition of this beautiful autumn root tuber. Many hours have been spent trawling through Google and foodgawker for fun things to do with kumaras in preparation for this day to come. So here it is, finally: a spotlight featuring some of the wonderful things you can do with sweet potatoes. 

Alex Lau / Bon Appetit

Bake them whole, then top them with whatever makes your heart sing. (My personal favorite toppings include peanut butter, marinara sauce and parmesan, condensed milk, toasted sesame sauce. Check out Bon Appetit’s selection. )

Add to your salad! Diced and roasted sweet potatoes are a perfect addition to round off a simple salad to add either a creamy or crunchy (depending on how long you bake it) texture, make sure your stomach isn’t growling an hour later! 


Fries. What’s sweet and salty, and healthier than a normal fry?  

Jessica Mitton

Chips. Like fries, but crispy and crunchy… so not a fry at all.

Katherine Ku

The best kind of hummus. PA’s Head of Culinary, the incredible Katherine Ku, made a dish of sweet potato hummus for this semester’s welcome party. I think about it often, and fondly. While you’re baking your potatoes, be sure to check out the Digital Team’s Hummus Tasting video.

Did someone say pie

Melissa Riker