Costco Cravings and Savings: Must-Get Snacks for Your Next Costco Run

Fellow Costco lovers out there may know that Costco is the place for buying snacks in bulk, but it can be intimidating stepping into that giant warehouse of goods and deciding which ones to take home. Plus, there’s the pressure of commiting to a family-sized pack of granola bars! But if you choose well, Costco provides snacks that are both delicious and affordable, so here are some of our favorite munchies to keep within reach. 

1. Dark Chocolate Nuggets with Coconut & Super Seeds

The iconic chocolate-and-nuts combo gets elevated to the next level with coconut in this healthy (ish) snack! These crunchy clusters taste like tropical Kit Kats that aren’t overly sweet, making for the perfect satisfying bite any time of the day.

2. Golden Island Korean Barbecue Pork Jerky

KBBQ lovers rejoice: this pork jerky is inspired by Korean barbecue flavors, with a sweet, smoky flavor and tender, thinly-sliced pieces. These are so delicious and truly addictive!

3. My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

Ice cream comes in an adorable bite-sized form with these mochi pieces, as well as three delicious flavors: strawberry, vanilla, and mango. With every bite, you get the soft chewiness of the mochi dough, which envelops the creamy smooth ice cream within.

4. Happy Shrimp Chips with Garlic & Butter

If you’re a fan of the classic Korean shrimp crackers, then you definitely have to try these. They are crisp, light, and full of flavor, with an addictive melt-in-your-mouth quality. These chips are sold in rather large bags, but don’t worry because, speaking from experience, they’ll be gone within a week!  

 5. Bark Thins Dark Chocolate Almond With Sea Salt

The rich dark chocolate, crunchy almonds, and flakey sea salt come together to create the perfect sweet-and-salty combination. Reach for these whenever you’re craving a quick and satisfying chocolate fix!

6. Mozzarella Sticks In a Crispy Seasoned Breading

Alright, this may be pushing it a bit for what counts as a snack, but I couldn’t not include these. Just five minutes in the oven, and you got yourself some golden, melted, cheesy sticks of heaven, with epic cheese pulls as a bonus.

7. Skinny Pop Popcorn

If you’re part of SkinnyPop’s cult following, then you should definitely head straight to Costco and buy this huge bag that’s at least twice the size of your head!

8. Harvest Snaps Organic Green Pea Snack Crisps, Lightly Salted

I know what you’re thinking: Peas? In a snack? But hear me out, these are beyond addictive and the perfect way to satisfy your crunchy and savory cravings. They may not necessarily be super healthy, but they do provide more protein and fiber compared to traditional potato chips.

9. Whisps Parmesan Cheese Crisps

The cheesy snack you never knew you needed! These airy, light crisps are made from 100% Parmesan cheese, and pack in a lot of flavor as well as protein. They also go great with a bowl of tomato soup!


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