Banana Breakfast Bagel

Recipe by Nicole Wojnowski

Are you sick of dining hall breakfasts not being up to par with your usual hipster-aesthetic brunch? Is $20 too big of an ask for that insta pic? Do you just want to class up your dining hall experience?

If so, I have an easy recipe that will transport you past that 45-minute line and straight into a overpriced brunch place   all for the price of just one (seventeen-dollar) meal swipe.


  • plain bagel 1
  • peanut butter
  • banana 1
  • honey
  • granola
  • cinnamon
  • coconut flakes
  • Directions


    Acquire a plain bagel (I preferred mine toasted) & peanut butter from the breakfast/ bread section.


    Find a banana from one of the various fruit bowls in the dining hall (It’s one of the two fruits served at the dining halls so shouldn’t be too hard to find).


    Time for assembly! Head back to your table and spread your peanut butter on the bagel & slice the banana into evenish half inch slices, then place the slices on the banana.


    Time for toppings! Go to the tea/coffee section and grab some honey to drizzle on top.


    Head over to the yogurt/fruit section to add in some granola.


    OPTIONAL: I like to add cinnamon (hard to find, but the holy grail) and coconut flakes (found near the yogurt station) as extra toppings.


    Head back to your table and FLAUNT your bagel creation to all your friends.