How to Make Hummus, No Food Processor Required

Recipe by Shreya Subramanian

I’ve always loved hummus but assumed that it would be very difficult to make, especially since my little college kitchen doesn’t have a food processor. However, I recently discovered that it is so easy and can be done with a blender (I used a small smoothie blender) or even by hand using a potato masher. Definitely try this out – the hummus tastes so fresh you won’t even want store-bought hummus anymore.


  • chickpeas 1 can
  • lemon juice of one lemon
  • cumin a dash
  • salt a dash
  • olive oil 2 spoons
  • water ~4 spoons
  • garlic, minced 1 clove
  • Directions


    Put all of the above ingredients into a blender, making sure to put the chickpeas in first so they could be in the first layer over the blender’s blades.


    Blend until smooth (about 40 seconds), pausing to add spoonfuls of water when needed to make the texture more thin.