Maple Flavored Milk

Recipe by Sarah Bernstein

Maple-flavored milk is a very simple recipe created in a desperate attempt to drink an entire gallon of milk within five days. Seeing, one of my friends had bought the milk in anticipation for hot chocolate making but had never gotten around to it before she left for break. The burden of emptying the gallon container fell upon me and I knew I would have to get innovative. I was without cereal and many kitchen utensils, as a freshman in college, and knew that I would tire of plain milk eventually. I racked my brain for an answer, trying to find a solution to my problem, and remembered how readily I drank the sugary milk at the bottom of my cereal bowl without any issues. Ah, a plan was hatched.

The milk can be prepared either hot or cold.


  • milk 8 ounces
  • natural maple syrup 2 teaspoons, then adjusted according to preference
  • ground cinnamon ⅛ tsp, optional
  • Directions


    For cold milk:

    • Combine maple syrup and milk a glass and stir thoroughly
    • That’s that magic of it
    • Enjoy!

    For hot milk:

    • Gently warm the milk in a pot over medium-low heat
    • Stir in maple syrup once milk has become slightly hot
    • Optionally add ground cinnamon while stirring and continue until flavors have melded