• Rachel Prokupek

    Executive Director

    Rachel, Class of 2020, loves all things food. From her time studying at Le Cordon Bleu Paris to obsessing over any Michael Schulson restaurant, she brings her passion to Penn Appétit. She has an unhealthy addiction to black licorice and Lucky Peach (R.I.P.), and will never say no to a meal out or licking the “batter spoon”.

  • Xander Gottfried

    Managing Editor

    After moving into college, and losing a kitchen in the process, Xander had to find some other way to feed his inner demons. He took years of parental cuisine and went professional, staging in the kitchen at restaurant Abe Fisher on the weekends. When procrastinating, it’ll certainly be doing something food-related. Hoping to major in biochemistry, he loves shoveling down vegetables and is addicted to mushrooms, cruciferous vegetables, and strange fish parts. Someday, after splurging at the farmers’ market, he’ll hopefully be holed up in his kitchen, an arduous recipe in front of him, and his favorite classical music simmering in the background.

  • Leah Sprague

    Creative Director

    Leah, class of 2019, is majoring in Public Health with a minor in Nutrition. Originally from Seattle, Leah has high standards for salmon and low standards for weather. She loves to bake and believes everything is better in small ramekins.

  • Noel Zheng

    Photo Editor

    A late 90's New Zealand born photographer, pursuing a major in Architecture, with a minor in solo-backpacking. Noel loves travelling, but he refuses to call it that: the term "globe-trotting" is a better fit. If you would like some slightly-above-mediocre advice on food, fashion or aesthetics, he can usually be found strutting up and down Locust in velvet boots, with sunglasses on and earphones in. Even during the night. (No he is not lost.)

  • Jennifer Higa

    Culinary Director

  • Chris Muracca


    Chris, Class of 2020, is studying Biological Basis of Behavior in the College. Originally from Pittsburgh, he now aims to eat at all of the top 50 restaurants in Philly. When he is not reviewing Penn Appetit’s finances, he can be found on the golf course or playing with his dog, Gnocchi. His last supper would consist of a pan seared duck breast and parmesan risotto.

  • Kate Kassin

    Business Manager

    Kate, Class of 2020, is studying International Relations, French and Spanish. She lives her day to day life planning what to have for her next meal. Kate dreams often, and exclusively, of short ribs, porchetta, bubble tea, key lime pie, honey-roasted peanut butter, and Tammy Tan's, our Cooking Club Chair, carrot cake bread pudding.

  • Rachel Zhou

    Publicity and Outreach Chair

    Rachel, Class of 2020, was born in Canada, lived briefly in Florida, and grew up in a New Jersey town that had a $2.50/roll sushi restaurant she frequented. She is studying finance in Wharton while reminiscing about NJ sushi and seeking out (largely disappointing) sushi restaurants in Philadelphia.

  • Justine de Jesus

    Blog Editor

    Justine de Jesus is a freshman in the College planning on studying Biological Basis of Behavior, with minors in Consumer Psych and Fine Arts. Though Penn Appetit is the love of her life (don't tell anyone she said that), she is also involved with The WALK and The Assembly of International Students. In her free time, you will most likely find a highly-caffeinated Justine bouncing around different cafes and restaurants all across Philly. While she is deeply passionate about photography, magazine-collecting and making Spotify playlists, food will always be the center of her world.

  • Katie Simms

    Social Impact Chair

    Katie, Class of 2020, is originally from sunny and hot Scottsdale, Arizona. She is currently studying Bioengineering with a concentration in Engineering Entrepreneurship. She has an unhealthy obsession with hummus and has been banned twice from OpenTable because of making too many reservations.

  • Nicole Seah

    Social Media Director

    Nicole is a freshman who is is dangerously addicted to sweet potatoes and is interested in Cognitive Neuroscience. Other than this, she enjoys any type of fitness other than running: yoga, hiking, kickboxing etc! Hailing from Singapore, her favourite pastime is making pineapple tarts with her grandmother (taste testing all the way!).

  • Tammy Tan

    Cooking Club Chair

    Tammy, Class of 2020, is originally from Sydney, Australia. She is studying Finance in Wharton, and was previously a member of the Publicity and Outreach Committee. Tammy consumes a probably unhealthy amount of hummus, spends a probably unhealthy amount of time at Trader Joes, and has a strong affinity for nut butters, poached eggs, and dogs.

  • Allie Shapiro

    Internal Social Chair

  • Carolina Salazar-Paranhos

    Video Editor

    Carolina, Class of 2021, was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, and has lived in Chicago and Florida as well. She loves photography, digital media, and video editing. Her favorite Philly restaurant is the Continental Midtown, and she is obsessed with any dish that involves mushrooms. Some of favorite food addictions include salmon, seaweed salad, falafel, sweet potato, and spaghetti squash.

  • Lori Kim

    Events Chair

    Born and raised in the suburbs of New Jersey, Lori is on a continual search for the best meals (and happy hour deals!) in Philly. An avid Munchies fan, Lori probably spends more time watching Action Bronson videos than she does on her PPE readings.

  • Edward Kim


    Edward, Class of 2020, is Penn Appétit's webmaster and an architecture / design student who cares too much over aesthetics. He is an avid foodie but has the taste buds of a kindergartener. He is unhealthily obsessed with Chipotle and any deep fried dish.