NYC: 10 places to get avocado toast

Avocado is one of those foods you can have with anything at any time of the day: It’s delicious with eggs in the morning, on a sandwich for lunch, in a salad for dinner, straight up with a little salt and pepper eaten right out of the skin for a snack, or whipped up in some guac and served as an appetizer. There are countless ways to use the miraculous avocado, let alone its various health benefits. It might just be the perfect food. Let’s be real, have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like avocado?! (If you have, I would start to rethink your friendship. Something is not right there).

One of the best ways to get in your daily serving is the classic, avocado toast. You can get it at almost every restaurant that is just the slightest bit trendy. Here is a rundown of all the avo toasts I’ve had in NYC:

Le Pain Quotidien

This one is served on their fresh whole wheat bread. It’s definitely one of the more smooth mashes. It’s topped with a special cumin salt mix and chia seeds.


Egg Shop

This restaurant is known for their delightful dishes of eggs served any style, shape, or form, but their avocado toast is not to be messed with. It was a perfect consistency topped with tomato and an egg. The yolk was perfectly runny and the tomato added a nice freshness to the toast. Great combo here.



Little Collins

This ones got a thicker bread that was not as crunchy as I usually like it to be. It had a nice addition of pumpkin seeds and some feta cheese though.img_4044


The Upsider

The bread in this dish was too thick for my taste and it sort of messed up the avo-bread ratio. It came with a perfectly poached up egg so the extra bread went to good use to soak up the excess yolk.img_6510


Bluestone Lane

Bluestone’s take on the avocado toast has got to be one of my faves. They use delicious bread from the famous, Balthazar bakery and top it with feta, chopped cherry tomatoes, and you can add an egg. There is an all over harmony in the dish. Not to mention it looks beautiful.



Jack’s Wife Freda

Also a fave. I went back to this cafe to order this again and wasn’t the same, but the first time I had it here there was some sweet tomato jam that complimented the avocado so nicely. It was delicious. And it came with fries so there were really no complaints for this one.



The Smith

This toast is a great option. It’s one of the more chunky mashes. It’s served very classically with a poached egg and some leafy greens. Simple, but tasty.



Two Hands

A solid avo toast, served with an egg over easy and some chilli flakes.



Cafe Clover

A refreshing take on this simple dish with an addition of pickled beets, peas, and some radishes. Small servings and the bread was not as toasted as I’d hoped for, but still a nice one.



Beauty and Essex

The bread in this dish was perfectly crisp and had the right amount of olive oil drizzled on top. It had a nice crunch as you first bite in but then had an amazing chewiness. So perfect.


Even if you can’t make it any of these places, homemade avo toast is super easy and there are so many ways to add your own flavor: try variations with fruit, cheese, nuts, or any other of your fave toppings. And never stop eating avocado.

-Sophia Daniels

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