notes of coffee

Like peanut butter and jelly, wine and cheese, and sea salt and caramel – I consider coffee and music to be a classic pairing.  With fall finally kicking in to full swing, there is nothing more satisfying than getting ready in the chilly mornings with a good playlist and steaming cup of coffee in hand, or taking shelter from the wind within the comfort of cozy coffeeshops. I spend entire afternoons like this – my mind retracing the lyrics of new favorite songs, the smell of coffee beans still lingering on my sweaters.

In homage to my love for the two, I’ve created a caffeine-fueled playlist in case you’ve grown tired of listening to the same old coffee shop tunes. Lonely Benson’s Silly Girl is my morning shot of espresso, and Daniel Caesar’s Best Part is a slow, comforting cup of mocha – enjoy 🙂

[A flavor profile on some of my favorite songs from the playlist]

  1. Japanese Denim: a rich, earthy brew of slow R&B with a hint of sweet jazz.
  2. Black Coffee: like its name, this song is a cup of deep, bold notes. A refreshing adaptation of the more sultry, citrus flavored rendition  by Ella Fitzgerald. Best played straight up on early mornings for the perfect pick-me-up tune.
  3. Easy: Mac Ayer’s Easy is smooth cuppa coffee. Like a caramel macchiato, let the song envelop you in the bittersweet, charming lyrics. 

Written by Justine de Jesus