A Sweeter Valentine’s with Sugar Philly

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you might feel that giving a trite box of chocolates won’t cut it this year. Instead, consider macaroons – arguably classier than chocolate. A great option is Sugar Philly’s Valentine’s Day Gift Box, which comes in colorful sets of 6 or 12, with a non-Valentines specific box of 10 also available.

With offerings such as Strawberry Earl Grey, and Coconut Mango Tequila, the flavors span a large range from cozy to boozey (yes, alcohol), homey to tropical. Sugar Philly offers a diversity of flavors that I didn’t even know existed in the macaroon-sphere, and the range can be sampled conveniently through these box orders. Milk & Honey tops out as a personal favorite, providing less of a tacky in-your-face sugar that a birthday cake might offer, but more of a long, familiar, homegrown sweetness. Even if you love chocolate, you won’t be missing out. Interspersed between the creative combinations are classic flavors such as Tiramisu and Coffee Chocolate Bourbon. There is a macaroon for everyone.

Sugar Philly can be located on 38th Street, between Walnut and Sansom. The boxes are available for walk-up and preorder purchases. Valentines Boxes specifically are available until Wednesday, February 14th 2018.

Article by Justin Guo, Photos by Valencia Fu